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At 5th Street, we welcome and care for all those who walk through our front door.  Our head chef Samson Stewart (from Hello Sunday) teams up with lifelong friend and co-chef Max Perry in a kitchen they designed and built themselves. Together they create fresh, satisfying, palate delighting cuisine that enriches familiar flavours whilst introducing new experiences.

With a regularly rotating menu, drawing from local and seasonal produce you can expect dishes that burst with creativity.


Find yourself enticed to return just to see what’s next...




We support and celebrate entrepreneurial Kiwis! Which is why we are proud to represent such a wide range of quality beers and ales. On our menu you will find a variety of tastes, offering the palate an experience of the familiar and the taste buds the excitement of the new.

Our friends at Three Boys have a permanent position on two of our taps. While the remainder Taps rotate guest beers.




Be thrilled, charmed, surprised and satisfied with our classic and specialized cocktails. Our head Barman Ezra Eseese and our Maitre De Wynn Kerstens have teamed up to bring you well-crafted cocktails using quality spirits.




Hospitality has a special role in all of our lives, it is one of the few times you can be truly looked after. We encourage our staff to value their role and to recognise the importance of service. Giving is one of the fastest ways to feel good and receiving that feel-good feeling is one of the key ingredients to a fantastic night out!


We also know that Service starts from the top down, so it is important that our staff are cared for and valued. They are the front of 5th Street and we are always looking for ways to support and encourage their growth and journey.




When Jonathan and Chris began to consider opening another Hospitality establishment a number of offers came through the door at Hello Sunday, but none felt quite right. That was until their friend Peter from Peter Rabbits Fruit and Vege Patch, let them know his building was up for lease and very quickly they both saw the potential in the old warehouse. (Or they just played too much monopoly as kids and moving across the road from HS was another step closer to getting a set!)


The demolition and clear out of the old interior included removing tons of rubble from the breeze block dividing walls and about 5000 flat pack cardboard boxes left behind from when Gallagher fencing first used the property.

Chris, Jonathan and the team wanted to create an open space that did not hide the old industrial building but gave it some much-needed light and atmosphere.

The design and layout grew from this blank canvas, working organically and in tune together, they quickly found themselves all seeing the same vision.


5th Street is a bespoke restaurant.  Slowly built by hand, using recycled and second hand where possible. The team knew what they wanted and Chris was clear on the dining space and greenery. ! We have listened to the building and in one sense 5th Street already existed, our job has simply been to bring it into this world.


Beneath the paint and wallpaper are expressions of love, focus, and care, literally written into the walls by all who contributed. This is the essence that grew 5th St and continues to touch all who enter. 






The Team


5th Street is owned by directors Chris Penny and Jonathan Spark, along with shareholders Yasmeen Clark, Samson Stewart, and Maximus Perry.


  • Project Manager and Design – Jonathan Spark

  • Manager and Design – Chris Penny

  • Chef and Build – Samson Stewart

  • Chef and Build – Maximus Perry

  • Maitre de and build - Wynn Kerstens

  • Head Barman and build - Ezra Eseese

  • Barman and build – Toby Perry

  • Front of House and support – Sarah Leah Gunn

  • Design and support – Yasmeen Clark


We are immensely proud of our team and the way they care and contribute to 5th Street. Doing things collaboratively creates more than you could have ever first imagined. Watching people grow and develop their skills as they build the place they want to work is so incredibly satisfying. We spend a great deal of our life at work, so it was important to us that 5th Street was a place where each person loves bringing who they are to where they work.




Enormous thanks to Lambert Perret Twi'x who led the build from beginning to end, constantly smiling and giving, you are amazing and have a big heart. (The display section of the bar is hand built by Lambert with no nails.)


The many builders and workers:

  • The Frenchies,

  • The Dutch, 

  • The Belgium,

  • The English,

  • The Brazilians

  • The Kiwis​​​


You guys were all such a pleasure to employ, you know who you are, thank you!


  • Herbs Micro Greens, especially Ben Murgatroyd for your greening of 5th Street, the plants are such a special part of it!

  • Alex and our friends at The Last Word,

  • Muz, Ralph, Misty and the Team at Three Boys

  • Tony Penny and Jill Penny for their beliefs and support

  • Jax’s the best Hello Sunday customer

  • Our loyal and enthusiastic customers at Hello Sunday

  • Lee from Innovations Electrical

  • Hamish and Stevie from Kilray Plumbing

  • Anthony at The Salvage Company

  • Kurt from ADQ Architecture



5 Elgin Street, Sydenham, Christchurch (Durham Street entrance)



(03) 365 9667 | 


Monday to Sunday 4.30pm till late